In person / Online / Individual / Group Sessions.

Personal Development

Where the personality and the person meet.

Through self-awareness and compassion, learn to cultivate a new life of presence and understanding which increases joy and connection to yourself and others. Recover your authenticity so you can communicate your truth and live a happier and healthier life.

Professional Development

Where the world receives your gifts.

Work with a group that carries and holds up each individual, seeing and acknowledging them for who they are. Contribute to the wellbeing of your business by exploring your own judgements and relational patterns. Learn to communicate in a connecting way to build bridges that unite different worlds, maintaining a shared purpose.


Where the collective is more powerful than the sum of all parts.

Get to know yourself in a safe group setting where you can work through different objectives to achieve new goals. Either as personal or professional development, tapping into the power of a group is a unique experience where you can hone your sense of self and continuously grow in ways that only happen in a group setting.

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April 12/19/26, Mai 3/10/17
17-18.30h CET
Online (Zoom)
150.- CHF

Personality or Perception


April 8/15/22/29, Mai 6/13
20-21.30h CET
Online (Zoom)
150.- CHF

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Einstieg jederzeit möglich
Online (Zoom)
150.- CHF / 5 Wochen



Einstieg jederzeit möglich
Online (Zoom)
150.- CHF / 5 Wochen

Nonviolent Communication

(in the works)

Beziehungen die belasten

(in Planung)


Grief Recovery

7 weeks

Online (Zoom)
350.- CHF

Trauer(n) Heilt

7 Wochen

Online (Zoom)